A fully functional version of mBLAZE3D can be downloaded using the link below. During installation, you can choose the ‘Use Trial License‘ option from the license page to start a 30 days free trial period where you can try out all features of mBLAZE3D! Note that saving is disabled using this option, so you will not be able to create your own projects! If you find mBLAZE3D interesting and want to try it out more, you can choose to register your copy from the license wizard inside the application. You will then receive a time limited, personal license key unlocking all functionality! mBLAZE3D is still in the beta phase and commercial use is not allowed! Future licensing and pricing is yet to be determined!

As this is a software under active development, there will be bugs, there will be functionality missing or incomplete, and there will be things that can and will be improved in future releases!

System Requirements:
A computer running 32 or 64 bits Windows 7 or Windows 8 (Not RT for ARM).
A DirectX 9 class or better graphics card. A DirectX 11 compatible card is recommended to make use of all features!

Download mBLAZE3D version here!

Note: If running the installer gives you a message like “Windows protected you PC”, click “More info” and then “Run anyway” to continue installation.

Also check out the tutorials teaching you the very basics of mBLAZE3D and the introduction to its object oriented programming concept!


You can help us improve mBLAZE3D by providing us feedback to with questions, bug reports, feature requests etc. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, and will help us create a better product for our users!

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