New tutorial: Object Oriented Programming!


I’ve put together a second tutorial teaching you the basics of object oriented programming using mBLAZE3D!

To summarize, this tutorial will teach you how to

  • create new classes.
  • create static and nonstatic member functions.
  • call functions.
  • create instance data.
  • create instances and modify their local data members.
  • use the class diagram to implement inheritance.
  • override functions and call overridden base class functions.

You will find the new tutorial here (pdf-document)!

If you have not already read the first tutorial, you will find it here!





Based on user feedback we have just released version of mBLAZE3D! This update adds decluttering to text items in the editor view to make it easier to read text on chips and folders. It also contains a couple of minor bugfixes!

Download the new version here!


The First Tutorial!

Hello all!

I’ve put together a small tutorial to help people get started using mBLAZE3D! The tutorial will teach you the very basic of mBLAZE3D. It will explain how to create a simple scene with a movable camera and a rotating, textured 3D-object, and how to publish the project to an executable standalone application.

You find the tutorial (pdf-document) here and the referred texture here!


The resulting application of the tutorial!

The resulting application of the tutorial!


Try mBLAZE3D today!

We are proud to announce the first publicly available beta release of mBLAZE3D! After years of development, we are confident mBLAZE3D is now good enough for everyone to try out, and we invite all people with an interest in 3D graphics development to take part in the beta testing program of this exciting new piece of software!

You will be able to try out a fully functional version of mBLAZE3D!  During installation, you can choose the ‘Use Trial License‘ option from the license page to start a 30 days free trial period where you can try out all features of mBLAZE3D, right away! Saving is disabled using this option, so you will not be able to create your own projects, but you can play around, look at the examples and get a feeling if mBLAZE3D is something for you!  If you like what you see, and want to try it out more, you can choose to register your copy from the license wizard inside the application. You will then receive a time limited, personal license key unlocking all functionality!

As always, we appreciate all feedback including questions, bug reports, feature requests etc., as this will help us create a better product for our users! You reach us at!

You can download mBLAZE3D here!