Real-time, Visual Programming!
Real-time, Visual Programming!
No coding! No compiling! View your application as you develop it!
Advanced Visual Effects Using Direct3D 11!
Advanced Visual Effects Using Direct3D 11!
Make use of the powerful features of Direct3D 11 to create advanced visual effects!
nVidia PhysX!
nVidia PhysX!
Create dynamic scenes using nVidia PhysX rigid body physics.
Powerful Debugging Features!
Powerful Debugging Features!
Insert break points into your code to quickly locate AND correct any problems right on the spot! The Function Call Stack helps you trace program execution path.
Built-in Performance Profiling!
Built-in Performance Profiling!
Locate the bottlenecks using the built-in performance profiling!
Publish to Multiple Platforms!
Publish to Multiple Platforms!
Publish your applications to Windows 7/8 (32/64-bits), Windows RT (ARM) or Windows Phone 8.

The new development tool for games, simulators and other visualization solutions!

mBLAZE3D is a new development tool for real-time 3D-graphics applications like games, simulators or other visualization solutions depending on high-performance, real-time 3D-graphics. Built for the Microsoft Windows 8 platform, it can target both traditional desktop applications, Window Store Apps, and Windows Phone 8.


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mBLAZE3D is based on a real-time, visual programming concept!

Codeless programming!

mBLAZE3D is based on a powerful real-time, visual programming concept. Real-time because the effect of all updates to your program can be monitored as they happen – Your program keeps running as you develop it, as there is no compile step disrupting program execution for every update! Visual because there is no traditional coding involved in the development process. Programming happens in a graphical environment where writing code is replaced by visually linking together small blocks of functionality!

mBLAZE3D is an object oriented development tool!

Object Oriented Development!

Despite the somewhat high-level development environment of mBLAZE3D, the underlying programming model build on concepts directly comparable to popular programming languages like C++ or Java. Users can create classes, build class hierarchies, construct program logic including variables and functions, instantiate classes into objects, and monitor and modify their state real-time – All without writing a single line of code! Working at such a low level gives you great freedom in how you want to build your application. The object oriented approach invites for creating a clean, efficient and well-organized program structure!

Virtual microchips are the building blocks of mBLAZE3D.

It’s all about Chips!

The key pieces to this system are small building blocks called chips. Just like the microchips found inside your computer, a chip can be thought of as a black box with a limited, well-defined functionality inside – A virtual microchip. Connectors allow chips to communicate with each other, and connecting different type chips together allow us to construct increasingly complex program functionality. This is exactly how programming is done: Linking and configuring chips of various types in workspaces called classes. Classes are saved as project files, and are the source code for programs developed using mBLAZE3D.

mBLAZE3D chips are written in native C++.

Chips are powerful!

Technically, the chips are plugins (DLL-files) loaded on demand, containing executable code written in native C++ making them AND your project run extremely fast. The chips are linked directly to each other – There are no high-level scripts involved. Just pure native performance! Advanced users and C++ programmers can even create their own chips using the supplied SDK, extending the functionality in almost any way thinkable: Add support for new physics engines, network libraries or special hardware. Write complex algorithms, new asset importers or implement whatever you need. All with raw, native performance! This is what makes mBLAZE3D so powerful. Most existing functionality was written exactly this way, as plugins!

DirectX 11 powers the graphics engine of mBLAZE3D.

State of the art graphics!

Direct3D 11 powers the graphics engine, enabling you to create cutting edge visual effects! mBLAZE3D offers quite a low level interface towards the native graphics API, and aims to expose as much of the functionality this powerful library has to offer. This gives you great opportunities and freedom to harness the power and features of todays hardware, and to optimize your rendering pipeline. You have access to exciting features including tessellation, geometry shaders, compute shaders and hardware instancing, to name just a few highlights! Whether you want to do HDR-rendering, use a deferred rendering pipeline, or whatever your idea is, mBLAZE3D is your tool! It lets you implement exactly the rendering techniques you want to use, rather than restricting you to some predefined implementation!

mBLAZE3D can publish projects to many devices!

Publish your work!

The final step in the development process is to publish your project to the platforms you want to target. This simple process collects your project files, chips and other supporting binaries, and bundles them into a selected format. The project files are platform independent, while chips and other binaries have to be compiled for the various platforms. This is of course already taken care of, but some chips and features may not be available at all platforms. It is fully possible to design a multi-platform application to handle this, and offer a reduced feature level for platforms not supporting the most advanced functionality!

mBLAZE3D is a programming tool of many uses!

So, who is it for?

mBLAZE3D is aimed for anyone interested in developing 3D-graphics applications, whether that be traditional PC-games, serious simulator graphics, scientific visualizations, or new cool 3D-games for Windows Phone 8. Please note that this IS a programming tool, so some knowledge of system development or computer programming is an advantage, but the learning curve of mBLAZE3D is significantly lower than that of a traditional programming language like C++. mBLAZE3D therefore enables both new and experienced developers to quickly become productive in developing new, innovative applications. The development process is also a lot faster than traditional coding, making mBLAZE3D excellent also for rapid prototyping of new ideas and concepts!


Coming soon!

mBLAZE3D is due to be released later this year! Pricing and licensing is to be determined.

For more information, please contact us, check out our blog or try mBLAZE3D yourself!